Dr. Rahul Mayur  

Special Packages

Family Package
Birthday Package
Senior Citizen Package
Policemen & Armymen Package
School & College Student Facility Cards
Special Discount for Physically Handicapped & Orphans
Bank Employee Package
Corporate - Industrial Package

Home Collection Facility
Only for old people who are bed ridden or non-ambulatory
Collection charges : Rs.50/- per visit
Home collection by appointment only (except for emergency).
Report of the Home blood collection must be collected from Main Lab

Our Unique set of Instruments
Access-2 : Fully Automated Immunoassay System for vitamin B12, Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Other hormonal Assays and Cancer Markers.
Mini Vidas - Fully Automated Immunoassay System for Cancer markers, Range of hormonal Assays, Other Specialised tests including HIV Duo Ultra and Hepatitis Markers.
Nikon Microscope with camera for histopathology and cytology
Full Automated Bio Chemistry Analyser -A15 (USA)
Semi Automated Bio Chemistry Analyser -Robotek India.
Fully Automated Three part Differential (16 Parameters) Blood Cell Counter - Mindray 3000 plus.
Fully Automated Three part Differential (16 Parameters) Blood Cell Counter - Lab India.
Bio Rad - U.S.A. Elisa Reader and Washer
Coagulation System : SMD Diagnostics U.S.A.
Fully Automated Electrolyte Analyser Nulyte
Fully Automated Electrolyte Analyser Sensacore Na+, K+, C and Ionic Calcium
VDRL shaker for specialised Tests.
Fully automated HbA1c analyser-piramal.
Fully automated Coagulation System-Tulip Diagnostics.
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